Sunday, October 16, 2011

This morning I took it easy. I fell yesterday while walking through the barn carrying a bale of one of the 70 that I stacked. Landed right on my shin, and left a goose egg there. Anyway, this morning I made some pancakes and coffee and just chilled out. I was so tired. After my morning relaxation (which I so badly needed), I headed up to the farm, marked Mr. Ram and released he and his ewe pal out to the rest of the flock, which they were more than happy to be back with. After I let them out, I brought a bag of feed into the lower level of the barn, went back with a scoop of grain and one girl already had blue on her. I kid you not. Not sure if it was the one he was with or what, but he was certainly testing every girl he saw. I worked Dan before I let the ram out and he was pretty good, but doing some odd things in terms of directional commands I need to sort out.

I just finished an early dinner and am just going to relax the rest of the day.

A close up of "Favey" my favorite Border Leicester ewe. She is still good to work with the dogs, but she likes my company...

A very rare close up of a Cheviot, with ram looking on in the background

A happy couple...

This girl really likes the new boy... If you look close, she already has matching blue..

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