Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tote them bales

Well, what did I do today?  You see it.  First though, I had to clean out the barn, which had gotten dis-organized in the spring (not my doing!) and that took some brute strength by my sister and I to move these 4 window bay type window casements.  It took every bit of my sister and I to do this.  As we were doing the barn I went to move a tarp and it had a yellow jacket nest.. ACK!!! I went through something like three cans of wasp killer.  It was right in the door way...

After we did the barn, I worked the dogs a bit and was stoked with both of them.  Joe's got driving now, and his whistles, and it was a great session.  Dan was awesome as well.  I moved the sheep into the hill field yesterday, and tomorrow the plan is to pull up the e-net and put it away for now.  May get a little more time with it, but not sure.  Lots to eat in that hill field- as in so high, the grass is, that it has fallen over.

The hay guys showed up around 3:00, and there were three guys and I un-loading about 200 bales. Still need more, and that will come later this week with the straw.  Figured I would plan ahead for the straw this time and not have to schlep it in my car.  It's a LOT of money, but it is what it is.. no way to avoid it.  It's a false economy to buy cheap hay, because they waste it.  So, pay a little more and they eat it :)

I am extremely tired after the day, but tomorrow is busy too.  Have to mow my lawn, clean out my car and get that e-net pulled up.  It's busy, but it's good.  It's all good.

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katiegirl said...

Yay for hay! There's no better feeling than getting hay in the barn.