Monday, August 5, 2013

Didn't get it all done exactly when I planned, but I got it done!  I did get the lawn mowed yesterday, but hit a wall afterward and basically chilled rest of the day.  After work today, I got up to the farm and rolled up all the electro net, and put it away.  Dogs got a very nice long walk today.  Gave more minerals to the sheep.  I give them minerals every three days, as rain ruins it, and I find it is very popular that way.  They go through a lot of minerals in the summer; I think because they eat so much water containing grass.  After all that I went home and I cleaned out my car!  Finally!!!  So, now that's all done.  

Tomorrow looks to be string trimming and shrub trimming.  Busy week at work too.  So glad I got that car cleaned out!!!

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