Sunday, August 4, 2013

The old gray mare just ain't what she used to be..

As has been said... I got up this morning with my lower back in serious complaint over our heavy duty moving yesterday.  Good Lord.  That stuff was heavy..  So, I am a bit slow.  As I stood at the sink doing dishes this morning (from last night; too tired to do them), and thanked goodness I have a riding mower. Have to get it done.  I had left it go longer than I usually do, because during that major heat wave, the grass was majorly stressed by the heat and dryness, and I see grubs have been damaging it.  So, I did not want to stress it more by chopping it lower.  It is looking better now, so I will get out there this morning and get the mowing done, in a little while anyway..First, breakfast, coffee...

I may also just do the car this morning too.  It is beyond atrocious.. Good cleaning will make me feel better too.  THEN, later, will head up to farm, and pull up that e-net, and I should get some neatening up done.. this cooler weather is just wonderful.

This week will be busy, both at work and off of work.  My sister told me that she was going to work at the fair this year, more power to her.. I will probably go one day, just for my favorite foods :)  No rodeo this year, which is a bummer.

Meow (the cat) is being super affectionate this morning, makes it hard to type!  Well, the fresh brewed coffee beckons... later..........

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