Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another week.  Busy one at work.  I guess into each life a little work must fall... Rain today, heavy at times, which seems to be our M.O. this summer.  I think we are supposed to be dry, after today, and nice cool temperatures which will put a spring in every one's step.

Tomorrow I hope to get everyone in the barn for a good look see to make sure worms are not an issue.  From now, until about October is a scary time for lambs especially.  The sheep have had a lot of grass, so they should be okay, but one never knows unless you get a hand on them.

Nothing scheduled for rest of week, and a trial this weekend.  Have to tune up Dan a bit.  Joe's not running at this trial; it's notoriously very difficult for young dogs and Joe does not need to be set up to fail at this point.  I have to remind myself of how young he still is...

Well, that's it for now, back to the grindstone..

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