Monday, September 28, 2020

Peaceful easy feeling.....

 Finally!  A few years back I knew I had to find my peace again.  Some how I lost it.  It just evaporated some how.  I did a lot of running around, and "finding my happiness" and yes, at times I was very happy, but at no time was I really peaceful.  I can honestly say that because now that I have peace, I can say I have never been here before.  Ever.  

Peace to me, is the ability to feel (not BE) content, without trying.  Peace is the ability to accept whatever your reality is at the moment.  Peace is knowing you have your own back and will defend yourself should anyone attempt to try and destroy your peace.  Basically, peace is a supreme confidence, and knowledge that everything will be okay, even if it isn't at that moment. 

The Eagles had it right when they described it that way........

I thank God for this.  I hope you all get there too.  It is the only way to be.

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