Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mud, sheep, and Lucy

Finally, it looks like winter has loosened it's death grip in our area. For this, I am eternally grateful. Of course now, my back yard is an absolute mud pit- and DEEP mud at that. I have never seen it quite like this. Dogs get mud up to their stop pads just walking in it. Even up on the hill, they are still sinking in. Forget me walking out there (I wish), it is true Muck Boot (tm) terrain. Dogs' feet are all washed upon coming in from the backyard, and when they really play out there, it is a full monty wash.
Sheep. Well, we hadn't worked any in several weeks- the weather just would not allow it- too icy, crusty, or snowy to do so. When I walked into the field, I decided I would challenge Lucy; see if she remembered her p's and q's, and I stayed at the fence and sent her a long way- I am a bad judge of distance, but I would say a couple hundred yards at least. She kept clean on her outrun, came in decently, and on the fetch, gave me the down I requested. I was very happy. My girl is growing up. Jan Lowing of Karmala Kelpies, a well known Kelpie stud in Australia, told me that Kelpies are just getting their chaps when they hit about 2, well, lo and behold, she was right! It is the scourge of newbies to discount what people who have forgotten more about things then I know, to ignore it, because you don't see it for yourself. Well, yesterday gave me a resounding education- to listen to my elders. They know! So, thanks Jan. I promise to listen from now on! The highlight of the day however, came when I had taken a break with my friend, and the sheep had drifted off. There we stood, chatting. Usually I have to remind Lucy to lie down, and it is a bit of a battle. Well, not so yesterday. Lucy lay down at my feet, focused by calm, and ready, but relaxed. You know, like you see in experienced dogs at the post, or waiting for the next command. Lucy repeated this a few times, in different areas, and I was over the moon. My girls is growing up, and she's a beaut. I have no idea where we will end up on this journey of ours, but as they say, the fun is not the destination, it's getting there.

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