Friday, October 19, 2018

Long time no see!

Hi everyone!!!  What a journey I have been on!!!  I literally went around the world, both figuratively, and in reality... several times!  I thank goodness for my family and friends who saw me through all of it.  It was a journey I needed, desperately.  But, now, I am home.  I am home in my heart, and soul.  I am beyond grateful for everything I have, and any time I have left on this planet.  Perspective is a very big thing....

The Sheep are well.  Only have a handful now, and bought a very nice ram from High Road Sheep in Virginia.  I hope he brings us some nice lambs.

I have three dogs, Lucy, my 12.5 year old Kelpie, Joe, a BC who will by eight next month, and Robbie, my BC pup from Alberta Canada- lots of hope on his future.   Oh, and I have MEOW my kitty, the light of my life.

Still doing the same job, still same house, all of it.  I hope everyone's lives are going well, and everyone is smiling every chance they get!

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