Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Faceboob (spelling error on purpose)

Facebook. The debil (my attempt at country slang), the ruination of society.  I will preface this by saying that Faebook can in fact be a good platform to 1) Advertise what you are selling and 2) To keep in touch with far away contacts.   Other than those two things, Faceboob is an absolute time waster, and keeps you from living your real life.  Is real life boring to you?  Then change what you are doing.  Do you feel like you are living through others by reading their exciting posts?  Then, get off the sofa, and start living your life, because before you know it, you won't be able to 1) Afford to live and 2) Actually enjoy it.

Here is a good way to discern if Facebook is the debil to you:

1) You post a photo of yourself and memorize the number of likes.

2) You post passive aggressive memes so that that special someone will see it.

3) The first and last thing you do in the day, the moment you can get on the internet, is to see what everyone ELSE is doing.

4) You take time away from real people to be on Facebook-- scroll through while at dinner, or family gatherings.

5) You believe that attention to your photographs is meaningful, that the like is for the whole you.  It is not; that like is for your physical attributes only.  This is all well and good, but it's a cheap attention, and cheap ain't what matters in life.

6) You have real life conversations on what was said on Facebook.

If all of these apply to you, at least at times, you need to step back and start living your life.  I call it Faceboob, because it does reduce our intelligence, it really, really does.  I am guilty of most of those things...  I have taken steps to walk away...  Here is what I do.

1) Remind myself daily that Facebook is NOT real.  Messages through Facebook are simple, and cheap ways to maintain connection to people without working for it.  If you want what's real, you gotta be willing to shut the phone off and get it.

2) Understand that most people are on there to advertise themselves in some way.  Not all advertisement is bad; especially if it is quality.  But, those who put up photos designed to get cheap attention, will in fact, get cheap attention, and then be sad when that is what they got.  Demand respect, do not ask for attention.  Girls, seriously, you can do far better than having someone "like" your scantily clad photo on line.  Please, have some self respect.  And guys, just be men.  Share your lives, no need for more.  I won't go further than that ;)

3) The biggest thing for me, was to delve so far down into Faceboob, that I lost all sense of who I was.  And I had to go searching for help to identify who I truly was.  Now, the people I admire more than anyone, are the ones who are rarely on Faceboob; for they have mastered life... Faceboob is simply a diversion from real life.  Don't miss your life for a like on the fake Faceboob.  Please don't.

Live your life like it's the only one you've got, don't miss a thing!!!

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