Thursday, August 20, 2015

Life's challenges

Another post! Oh goodness!!  Not sure of exactly what I updated you all with last time, but the newest update, is that my trial that was scheduled to go off next month had to be canceled.  We had the same number of entries as last year, but too many dogs/handlers were hurt and had to pull.  That sort of thing happens.  The only thing is, that the margin is so small, that I can't absorb the loss.  Money is tight, which, being a single working girl, it will always be, I suspect.  I have never known any other way.  I have never had a husband to help defray any life costs, so it is just me, working working working, to pay bills and try to make a decent life for myself.   I am absolutely not complaining, because I think it makes me appreciate everything I have, and worked for, that much more, and I am rather proud of what I have accomplished.  That said, extra money is not sitting around, so I have to make decisions based on not having the ability to make something out of nothing!

Anyway, now that the trial is canceled, I can focus on other things, like some trials I plan to go to, and getting my new ram lamb, and some ewe lambs.  Always moving forward, that is my motto.  What is life if you don't do that?  So, onward and upward.  Always some iron in the fire somewhere.

I got Danny back after being with an acquaintance since last October.  I did miss him.  I let her have him because I thought he would have a quieter home, and it would suit him better.  When he got back here, it did not take long (minutes) for him to settle right back in.  I brought him to the farm the other day and worked him.  He did so well.   He's a very good dog.  I have put an ad out to sell him, but I am not sure I will, I just don't know.. it has to be the right home, and I will be very picky.  I really have to find a way to live at the farm.. it would be absolutely 1000% better if I could just walk my dogs there easily every day.  At this point the car is full....

Jenny, or Judge Jenny as I call her is getting big, she is going to be a solid girl.  And, she is absolutely the boss of Johnny.  I can't wait to try her on sheep late this fall.

Meow was put on a diet (almost no grain free food at all) and he has lost a good amount of weight!  I am so happy :)  He was so fat, it was becoming dangerous for him.  He loves his fancy feast, so that is good.

Work is work, there more than not.  But, I like my job, so it is not really a difficulty.

On the trialing front, Joe ran at the Cooperstown trial a bit ago, and my handling absolutely rotted, so we did not do that well, but he worked well.  Now, a bit of a break until the fall trials.  I am going to have to travel for them....

Well, that's all there is for now!!!

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see you are back. I have missed your posts.