Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Johnny on sheep

I finished the round pen yesterday.  I put the welded wire up, and am using bungee cord and clips to close it to a panel.  I think that will do.  Looks good.  Brought Johnny in there, he is keen as mustard, but not ready for training.  The things he did that I really liked were how he went to the head, tried to get between them and the fence (they were stuck to it quite a bit), and how he already seems to know how to gather.  He was very tired after that.  He was very happy too.  Johnny hates the car as it makes him nauseous, and he hates it when I put the leash on him at the farm, as it means car.  Well, for the first time ever yesterday, I put him on the least after we worked, and went and sat down with him to rest.  Instead of trying to disappear from my view while on leash, he actually sidled over to me for some loving- that is the magic of sheep on sheepdogs.  I was so happy!

I have a lot of barn clean up to get to this week, now that the pen is finished.  Hope to start on it today.

Let's hope we get some rain soon, as we are so dry, it is bad.

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