Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lots happening

Well, we are getting down to crunch time for a busy few weeks. Kevin and Kay will be here in one week tomorrow. I have to dig out that itinerary from Penny, so I can see what time their flight comes in, but I think it is later afternoon, so we will probably grab a bite on the way home. There is one night in my home town, and then we head to the trial in New Hampshire. I found a cheap and decent motel, so I will be staying over during the trial. I had initially planned to go home after my run on Friday, but since I've no way to get K and K back to NY, I will stay over. That of course means I can help out a lot at the trial, since we are only running Friday, and we will stay until open finishes on Sunday. It is a looong drive. I dread the gas charges! Oh well, this will all be a wonderful start to K and K's visit, and in the end, WELL worth any money spent on petrol.

I have yet to determine what we will do for the couple of days before the clinic- I have to work a bit, but I think we can ensure that K and K each get to have some fun doing things they like. One day in NYC is something I am shooting for as well.

The clinic is coming along nicely. We are extremely full wrt working slots, and we have one official auditor. This will truly be a memorable event. We have almost an equal number of Border Collies and Kelpies, and the huge majority are well bred working dogs- none too young, and all ripe to learn from the master. Kevin, I think, will have a great time, and I know that we all will relish the opportunity to ask questions, and get insight. Kevin trains much like the typical "BC trainers" in the USA, and since usbcha trials is what many of us aspire to, this will be very apropos.

Well, that's it for now. I will post shortly on how my Lucy is doing.

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