Sunday, March 28, 2021


Jill, and Joe created 9 beautiful pups. Though not quite in my plans at the time, i was certain I wanted pups by Joe, and Jill. At 9 years old, and having not bred previously,  I guess he was very smiiten by Jill. Jill has been a super mom. I have to say, Jill has the best smarts, and temperament of any female dog I have ever had. On sheep she is naturally forward, with built in push, gather, and desire to please. She not only looks like Joe, she works like him. Joe's trial record speaks for itself. Many placements in the USBCHA open trials, and never ever beaten by sheep anywhere, anytime.  Below are their pedigrees. Jill is heavy in the cattle working lines. These puppies will have excellent potential to be very good ranch/trial dogs. They will be ABCA registered. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Joe's a daddy!

Jill, and Joe decided to make a family.  This was not a planned pregnancy, but both dogs are the best ones I have owned.  They had 9 little junior mints.  More updates soon!

Thursday, March 11, 2021


 Hi everyone!  Long time no see!  How are things in your nook of the world?  What a year 2020 was!  Things toodled along at Cheviot Hills.  The sheep and the dogs have kept me centered, as usual. Let's see where we are at...

Sheep. Well, I sold off a lot last year; only keeping the best.  I got a new ram from my usual ram supplier.  I trust him implicitly, and am always happy with the lambs his rams produce.  He came to me in September, as a ram lamb, and immediately started to breed the ewes (as in the minute he walked into the field, he bred a ewe).  I added three North Country Cheviot, Suffolk cross ewe lambs to the flock, as purebred NCC ewe lambs are not easy to come by, and I wanted to see what them crossed onto a NCC ram would give me.  I still have two of the three Dorset ewes I bought as lambs two years ago, and they got bred to the NCC ram lamb as well.  Lambing started the first week of February, and there is one more to go.  Most of the lambs born in the two first weeks of February.  He did a great job that ram lamb...  My management was better this year, and we saw a lot more twins, and overall health of everyone is really good.  They are growing very fast.  I believe the two most important things for sheep are 1) Food that goes in and 2) Parasite control.  My grass leaves a lot to be desired.  Last year we had a drought, so I had to supplement everyone with some grain (not much at all, but enough so that they did not rip the grass out by the root).  I would give hay, but they will not eat hay unless there is almost no grass.  Sheep are sort of all or nothing, it seems... at least in my experience.  So, they had some grain before the ram cam by a couple months, and had good body condition.  I also brought them in for FAMACHA checks to see how they rated, and wormed whomever was not up to par- I also made a mental note of a big check against anyone who was repeatedly pale- they don't stay on the farm- it's a pretty big offense..  Anyway, I also wormed everyone when I vaccinated at three weeks before earliest due date.  Normally, I would only do those who scored low, but I have learned that just because they score well on FAMACHA, that does not mean they are not overburdened with worms, and could likely falter when faced with carrying lambs, and trying to produce lots of good milk for them.  FAMACHA is good, but it does not replace applied knowledge over time.  So, the ewes clearly appreciated the better maintenance, given the lamb crop this year, and the good health of the ewes who had them.  Lots of girls this year too.  The last few years, when I was sort of checked out on the sheep thing, we had lots of boys, and well, they don't stay, so we were hurting for having anything to keep.  I am proud of my sheep.  I have spent my $, blood, sweat, and tears on them over the years.  I buy the best rams, and I work very hard to cull out low performers.  Any sheep bought from me as breeders will improve *any* flock.

Dogs.  Well, let's see.  I have Joe, Robbie, and Jill.  Joe is 9 now. He's still my best dog.  I can't believe how lucky I was to get a dog like Joe. He fits my like a glove.  I never have to worry about him injuring a sheep, or not getting a job done, or hurting a lamb.  And he is as fit as ever.  

Robbie, he is doing well, albeit bored.  No work for him lately, because of the ice, and because Joe is just a really good lambing dog.  We are going to get back out there soon though!

Jill.  What can I say about Jill.  She's the nicest female I have ever had. She has an excellent temperament- loves people, and is the smartest dog I have ever had. On sheep she is forward, and if a sheep challenges her by coming toward her she matches the tenacity.  Never over does it, but will move things very well.  She works a lot like Joe.  (HOW awesome is that?!)

Meow. I lost Meow last month. I still can't really talk about it, except to say I lost my best friend.  I adored him, and he me.


That's the update for now.  Stay tuned for updates on sheep and dogs!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Peaceful easy feeling.....

 Finally!  A few years back I knew I had to find my peace again.  Some how I lost it.  It just evaporated some how.  I did a lot of running around, and "finding my happiness" and yes, at times I was very happy, but at no time was I really peaceful.  I can honestly say that because now that I have peace, I can say I have never been here before.  Ever.  

Peace to me, is the ability to feel (not BE) content, without trying.  Peace is the ability to accept whatever your reality is at the moment.  Peace is knowing you have your own back and will defend yourself should anyone attempt to try and destroy your peace.  Basically, peace is a supreme confidence, and knowledge that everything will be okay, even if it isn't at that moment. 

The Eagles had it right when they described it that way........

I thank God for this.  I hope you all get there too.  It is the only way to be.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Trauma vs Drama

I spent all of last year getting right with myself.  By that, I mean with my head.  Learning to distinguish between trauma, and drama.   Trauma is the stuff you went through in the past, starting in your childhood, and drama is present day issues that hit you.  Trauma can be things likes how you were raised- was it truly a loving environment, where you had an identity?  Did you feel valued, and loved?  Things like that.  Drama is things like stress from bills, people treating you badly; just basic every day stresses.  This every day drama can activate past trauma.  An example of this would be:  Someone you know yells at you, and for no real reason that you can see.  How you react to that will most naturally be going back to your trauma.  So, that could mean your response is to behave as you did as a child when your parent screamed at you.  You may get very quiet, not respond,  and bottle it up.  As the day wears on, you begin to project those feelings on others, and you remember all the hurts you received as a kid, and the narrative in your head tells you that "yes, all people are bad".  This is what I mean by drama kicking up trauma.  How to get out of that?  Well, when someone yells at you, tell them *not* to do that anymore/again, and say it calmly.  You *must* deal with it then, and there; speak up.   I promise you it gets easier every time you do it.  And people respect you a WHOLE lot more than when you just accept their abuse, or scream and cry and hold things in, and become a bitter person.  Being a bitter person is WHAT WE NEED TO AVOID.


People are trying at times.  But they do to us what we tolerate.  People come "as is". There is no potential, not when it comes to interpersonal relationships.  Do not tolerate bad behavior because your trauma taught you that in order to get love, or other resources, that you have to be ignored, or treated badly.  Do NOT let your trauma dictate your adult life!  I can't say that enough.  NO ONE has the right to belittle you, or take you for granted- NO ONE.  You must be willing to row your own boat in this world, in order to live the life you truly deserve.  You deserve to be peaceful, and content.  Good relationships are calm, loving, respectful.  Drama in relationships equates you allowing your trauma to rule.  Don't let that happen.  Anyone can treat us badly *once*.  After that, if it keeps happening, it is on us.

We need to get to our peace.  Peace trumps every single other thing in the world.  If you have peace in your mind, you can handle anything.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Actually... Happier than I have ever been

 Hi guys!  So, now that I've done the housekeeping task of venting, I'd like to talk a little bit about some of the things that make life really good for me, and probably many many like me.

I spent the majority of last year getting right in my mind.  I had spent a few years prior to that going through this hyper speed evolution of who I was.  I made up for lost time in many ways.  I ran a lot- from my life.  I can't tell you why I did it, but I did.  I suspect maybe some sort of mid life crisis, but I would prefer to frame it as a growth period :)  I made so many friends, learned so many things, traveled so far, so much.  I took many risks, and that in and of itself seems to be a rarity these days.  At the end of it all, there I was.  Back home, to the life I ran from.  And me and that life got to know each other again. But this time I was the real me, the spiritually awoken me.  I can tell you, it was massive upheaval, and a lot of angst, interspersed with a lot of joy, and in the end it was SO worth it, to see the outcome.  I guess that's how life's challenges are, right? The thing about life, as they say is "timing is everything".  Who knew, that in 2019, I would be mentally prepping myself for this year.  2020.  The year that wasn't anything but one giant detour.  I had my moments where things were really really tough.  But I can literally count them on one hand, and they lasted so little time, that honestly, no sleep lost over them.  That is huge.  I used to be a big time obsessed worrier.  Anxiety was my middle name.  Now I know everything will be okay.  Period.  It will.  And on my weak moments, I tell myself that, just as an affirmation.  Things I cried about, I laugh about now.  See? upheaval can be a very good thing.  

A big part of my happier than ever life, is not tolerating bad behavior from others.  It means choosing friends, etc., carefully.  It means speaking up when I find something that does not mesh with how my life should be.  It means walking away from those who choose to ignore my boundaries.  It just means putting me first, at all times.  And, at the same time, looking at ways I can be a better person myself.  Every day I do that.  I question myself as to my reactions to things, and if those reactions are actually in response to what is happening, or simply baggage from past hurts creeping up.  It's usually he latter.   You must, as I have learned keep only the people that make you smile, and proud of yourself, and those who want to see you grow, and be successful.  

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed reading!